This course is as easy as saying your ABCs... if you stick with it!

I'm not making this stuff up! Each day's exercise takes as long as it takes to make a sandwich; if not faster!

If you can spare the 5-7 minutes each day and stick to this daily exercise, you will see differences, and so will everyone else!

I saw people talking about how changing their mindset changed their lives and I saw people who had great things coming to them again and again, so I tried those practices for myself and it WORKED! 

This course Includes the practices and exercises I did for myself that changed my life, opened many doors and helped me become more successful in life!

Down from $97, this 30 day self-led course is currently running for only $47

A crazy good deal for the practices that I and many others have been successful with in an easy-to-understand structure!


1-Do you journal? Do you HAVE a journal?
2-Meditation 101
3-What are Affirmations? Do Affirmations work?
4-The Truth About Resolutions – How to Avoid Becoming A February Failure!
5-How to Start The New Year with Good Vibrations!
6-What do you want? What do you hope to achieve with REINVENT in The Coming Year?
7- What’s wrong with your life?
8- One week in, and what a week it’s been!
9-Just say NO!
10-I Can & I Will
11-Do you hear voices?
12-Have you heard the voice?
13-Motivation, Mantra, and Affirmation
14-You are never running behind!
15-Two down, Fifty to go!
16-Shooting from the hip? How’s that working for ya?
17-How would you describe yourself?
18-How Much Do You Know About Your BFF?
19-How do you celebrate your birthday?
20-What to FLUSH and what to CRUSH!
21- Top 10 things you hate!
22- Now what are you going to do about it?
23-A bit of motivation!
24-Who is making you Average?
25-Who are the three people you’d love to ask a question?
26- Top 10 things you hate about yourself (and why you’re wrong!)
27-Favorite memory from childhood?
28-Who did you dream you’d be when you grew up?
29-What has been the single worst thing that happened to you? Have you put it behind you?
30-A bit of motivation!

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